Tuesday, July 07, 2015
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Local Government


Laoag City as a local government unit is under the general supervision of the President of the Republic of the Philippines, to ensure that local affairs administered are within the scope of prescribed powers and functions prescribed for local government units.

This supervisory authority is exercised through the provincial government since Laoag is a component city.  Through the Governor, the province ensures that every component city in its jurisdiction acts within the scope of its prescribed powers and functions.  The provincial government reviews all executive orders promulgated by the city.  Copies of such order are forwarded to the Governor within three (3) days of their issuance.  If the governor fails to act on the same within thirty (30) days after submission, they shall be deemed consistent with law and therefore are valid.

In the absence of a Legal Officer, any legal question affecting the city is referred for opinion by the City Prosecutor or the Provincial Prosecutor.

Being a component city, it shall continue to be governed by pertinent provisions of its charter and the Local Government Code in its relationship with the province where it is geographically located.

The city, consisting of eighty (80) barangays, serves primarily as a general purpose government for the coordination and delivery of basic, regular and direct services; and effective governance of its inhabitants within its territorial jurisdiction.

The city, through the City Mayor, exercises general supervision over the government of the eighty barangays, to ensure that they act within the scope of their assigned powers and functions.  The scope supervision also includes reviewing all executive orders promulgated by the Punong Barangay within his jurisdiction.

Each of the eighty barangays composing the city has organized barangay councils, composed of the Barangay Chairman, six councilmen, one appointed secretary and one appointed treasurer.  The Barangay Chairman exercises supervision over the organized Barangay Sangguniang Kabataan.

   Local Organizations and Functions

   Organization and Management

Laoag City is presently classified as a Second Class City so that its organizational structure and staffing pattern were designed in accordance with the standards and guidelines prescribed by law particularly those of the Civil Service.  Service requirements and financial capability were also taken into consideration.

Under the present administration, the city has adopted a clearly defined policy on personnel administration.  Recruitment and promotion are made possible through the evaluation of an organized Personnel Selection Board, which has formulated screening procedures.  In the appointment and promotion of personnel, strict compliance to qualification standards is observed particularly on civil service eligibility, performance, education/training, physical characteristics, personality traits, potentials, experience and/or outstanding accomplishments.

To improve employee relations and performance a semestral performance evaluation is being conducted.  Also, a grievance committee was established to resolve and settle complaints and grievances presented by local employees.  There are also strict measures adopted to implement rules to regulate employee absences, tardiness and leaves of absences.  On the other hand, there are also privileges that employees enjoy.

As to the various activities of the city government, the manner of coordination and delegation of functions to and among the various offices/agencies has become considerably efficient and effective and to such extent that its sustainability is now the main concern of the present administration.

Existing salary levels are based on the income classification of the city as prescribed by the Salary Standardization Law.