Thursday, July 02, 2015
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17TH Dulang Food Festival featuring “PADAYA A PANAGYAMAN”

The Dulang Food Festival is one of the highlight of the month long celebration of the Pamulinawen Festival. It was launched featuring Ilocano Food like pinakbet, longanisa, chicharon/bagnet, tupig, empanada, Busi, maruya, kinalti, suman,  Basi, Bennal, suka, susop and the like to be popularized nationwide. The Dulang Festival was launched together with the Kalesa Festival and Street Pageantry to showcase Ilocano culture and traditions.  Since then, Laoag City has earned its popularity nationwide.

This year, the Dulang Food Festival is featuring “Padaya a Panagyaman”  that showcase banana blossom, as the base ingredient of their recipes.  This time, the Dulang Food Festival was   in the form of competition among students from different schools. There were two categories, High School category   which showcased main dish out of banana blossom and the college category which showcase snacks out of rice or malagkit as the base ingredients.  The recipes prepared out of the banana blossom were  banana blossom patties, squid stuffed with banana blossoms; susop de la bola con gata, susop dumplings in chicken soup and many more for the high school category.   Likewise, the college category contestants have prepared bibingka ala divino, malagkit ube rolls, MVF sunshine, doble jammed rice and the like.


The different recipes prepared by the contestants were displayed in the “Dulang Table” with “Dalikan and Palayok” as an accessories giving emphasis of our old traditions in cooking.  Likewise, this dulang festival is a significant recognition of our culture of making native delicacies during festive season.   The “Dulang Table” full of different Ilocano food served as the centerpiece and the highlight of the Dulang Food Festival.

Meanwhile, the “Pagsukmunan” or popularly known as the “Basi Counter” were displayed by the CSWDO featuring Products made out of sugarcane like bennal, Basi, Suka, molasses and dudol.  The “bennal” or sugarcane juice is one among the favorites of the “balikbayans” and which they are looking for in every dulang food festival. The “Delicatessen” was also featured by MMSU-CIT, Iloko Deli by the City Agriculturist Office and different Food Exhibit by the different hotels, restaurants and caterers.

Likewise, another milestone project of our visionary and innovative City Mayor Michael V. Fariñas was the launching of a Historic cookbook entitled “Most Valued Food- IPON”.  This was realized through the effort of MMSU-CIT and the CSWDO.